Exclusive VIBee Collection: A Bee Like Me Book Bundle & Safety Kit

Exclusive VIBee Collection: A Bee Like Me Book Bundle & Safety Kit

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Collection Contains:

An autographed soft back book: This book was written for children and parents to understand how Autism and Sensory Integrations Disorder effects everyday tasks.  Follow along as a bee goes through her typical day to see how everything is intensified for this poor little sensory bee.  See how going to the grocery store or taking a walk outside are huge obstacles for a bee to overcome.  See how her Mommy shows her tips and tricks to get through her day.  Her Mommy lovingly shows her that she is perfectly made the way God wants her to be.

A Bee Like Me Jewelry : Wish Bracelet, a charming little bracelet to let your sensory bee know that they are exactly where God wants them to be.  (Colors May Vary)

~1-Safety Bee: Magnetic Safety Stop Sign: (magnetic for the car or metal door)

~1: 4x6 Window Cling: Sensory Bee Aboard Window Clings, help first responders know that your sensory bee may not respond as expected in an emergency. 

~1- Safety Bee Retractable Mask Clip: Attach your mask to the adorable mask clips to avoid dropping and losing your favorite mask. (Color May Vary)

~1- 3” Round Mask Button: A warning button for your sensory bee to wear; to let people know they are having trouble wearing their mask.  A gentle way of asking people to give them some space.

~2-Double Sided Safety Bee Shoe Tags: Light Weight, Safety Shoe Tags to let people know that your sensory bee has special needs and may have wandered off.  It provides important information to first responders as well as contact info needed to help your sensory bee get home safely. Can also be attached to backpacks!

~2 hand held fidgets that will keep your sensory bee busy. Quiet, durable, active fidgets for restless fingers. Fidgets are chosen at random and can vary in color and material.

~Pack of 5 Double Sided Stop Signs: Use these warning cards as a non-verbal reminder to your sensory bee that their behavior is not acceptable.  Give them this stop sign when you notice they are misbehaving and give them the opportunity to identify and correct their behavior themselves.  When you notice an improvement you can take the card back.  This encourages them to self-regulate and avoids verbal confrontation.

~25 Double Sided Square Sensory Overload Cards:    ~For an older child to carry with them to give first responders/adults on how to help.     ~For younger children’s parent to give to first responders/adults on how to help.